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Spend your holidays on our farm...

... relax in tranquility, unwind by listening to the running of the Gadera river and enjoy an environment where nature and tradition dominate. Awaken to our rooster's cock-a-doodle-do, peek out the window and observe our hens or geese. We'd be happy to give you a little tour to see the animals in the barn or on the pasture.

Living in an 18th century farmhouse in Badia

Discover our holiday apartment in Alta Badia

Once you step outside our farmhouse, find a bench to sit down and tune into the melodies of singing birds. With a little luck, you will be able to see a dipper dive into the river, swim and leap from one stone to another. Even the heron occasionally passes by here ... chickadees often nest near our front door.

Not only do the rooms, walls and furniture, but everything here has a story to tell ... the first floor of the family home, where our grandparents (Cecilia and Gottfried) and other ancestors lived, was renovated and made into a holiday apartment for our guests. We preserved the authentic room décor and architecture: the "stube", the "stangode" and a wide corridor that we call "doors" in Ladino, along with ancient wooden walls, warm larch floors and furniture made of Swiss pine. Nothing is missing for those looking for simple but genuine experiences. With over 100m² the apartment is spacious and comfortable. It features a bright entrance veranda, a bathroom with shower, a spacious and modern kitchen, two bedrooms (duble or twin) and all the creature comforts of today (refrigerator, radio, TV, WiFi ...).
During the season and when there is availability we can supply some fresh vegetables from the garden.

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