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When our farm turns into a school...

The Lüch da Murin - the first certified educational farm in Val Badia

In 2017 our farm was officially recognized as an educational farm. Upon reservation, we at Lüch da Murin welcome school groups, associations and groups of tourists (see the Alta Badia Tourist Association program). We offer special learning labs complete with practical activities and games, along with cultural and naturalistic basic concepts. We let them get to know our animals, the vegetable garden, the meadows and the farm habitat. You cannot miss a snack with loal products from our farm and / or other farms in Val Badia and Alto Adige.

We offer various laboratories: "The hen with golden eggs" is a journey to discover the egg and its many aspects; "Mët averda al striun" recounts anecdotes and knowledge originating from one of our ancestors from the 19th century, referred to as a "sorcerer" because he was skilled in treating animals and people with natural methods. Every year we augment our offer to best serve our guests in their discovery, learning and experiencing of the MASO (FARM) environs and surrounding landscape.

For our farmhouse guests, we offer specific activities tailored to their needs and interests.

Educational farms in South Tyrol

A pillar of the province's social agriculture project

The project's philosophy is to replace the school classroom with outdoor lessons, in the barn, in the stalls and on the farmland. Learning about the relationship between agriculture and the surrounding environment, along with an awareness of the value of quality local products, are the central themes of our educational farm. Children have the opportunity to experience a fascinating adventure and immerse themselves in the world of South Tyrolean country life.

Students can spend half a day in a "farm-school", experiment with practical activities and learn by seeing and touching with their hands. In this way they are able to discover the farming world through playing in the middle of nature and receive important information on the quality of the various farm products. In particular, the animals' attitudes and reactions attract the attention of the little ones.
(from www.baeuerinnen.it)

Learning tours

Scientific naturalistic dissemination for groups and schools

Rossana Todesco
"I was born in Bassano del Grappa on 3 February 1983. After my scientific high school, I graduated with a degree in Geology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. My passion for mountains, fossils and minerals brought me to Trento where I worked for several years at the MuSe Museo delle Scienze, researching and disseminating science. Today, I use this experience to explain what fascinates me about our natural environment to tourists, students etc. through excursions, workshops and conferences ".

Contact info:
Rossana Todesco – Lüch da Murin, Badia
tel. +39 320 72 37 860 - rossanatodesco@gmail.com